No matter if the mother is a human or an animal, her love is real.


In a viral TikTok video, a mother is soothing her baby when she suddenly sees a deer run out of the woods to help her. With over 27 million views since then, it’s easy to see why people love it. Babies cry for many different reasons, and sometimes even their mothers have trouble calming them down. Hanna Burton went through the same thing a long time ago, and she also saw something she will never forget. Charlie, Hanna’s baby, was crying on the deck of their house in New Lexington, Ohio, on this beautiful day.

Credit – TikTok/hannaburton

Charlie was on a blanket on the deck, and Hanna was trying to calm him down. Suddenly, a beautiful deer came running out of the woods right toward Hanna and the baby. The woman knew what the deer was trying to do and tried to reassure it that everything was fine, but the deer, following its instincts as a mother, ran to help.

Credit – TikTok/hannaburton

Hanna can be heard saying “Nope! Nope!” in TikTok. Nope! It’s my child. This one is mine. Hi, momma!” She told her baby boy the whole time, “She thinks you’re her baby.” This video goes viral after she posts it on TikTok with by saying, “When your baby starts crying outside and you almost have to fight a momma deer.”

Credit – TikTok/hannaburton

Even though the video melted most people, some people didn’t like how the mother handled everything. Hanna later explained everything and even showed a picture of Charlie sleeping peacefully on the deck. People also talked about how the deer reacted. One person said, “Deers are protective, so it’s likely it thought it was a smaller animal in trouble.” They’ll do anything to protect animals, including rabbits. They have such good hearts!”




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