Emotional moment of a baby koala hugging its unconscious mother during a surgery


No matter it is an animal or human, a mother is always a mother. A mother’s love is one of the strongest things in the world. Animal moms care about their young just as much as human moms do. This mom koala and her baby are going to show it.

Credit – Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

This mother koala was poorly hurt in an accident. A group of volunteers saved her and her baby just in time. Mother Lizzie and her baby Phantom were taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Credit – Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Even though the baby koala was fine and unharmed, the mother koala was in a very bad way. To save her life, she had to have surgery.

Credit – Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

The 6-month-old baby even stayed by his mom’s side while she was having surgery. It was a lovely thing to see. The vet decided it would be best for them to stay together. Because they comfort each other when they are together, and separating them could easily scare and worry them.

Credit – Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Kolas are animals that are native to Australia, and they are pretty social. The only connection they have is with their mothers when they are babies. It is a heartwarming thing to see, and it shows how close they are.



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