Baby rhino in the wild walks up to the cameraman and asks for belly rubs.


As someone who loves animals, I can’t think of a better job than taking wildlife pictures. You can always have unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences with nature and its magnificent animals. Most of these interactions show how dramatic wildlife can be, but some of them are just funny. And this sweet meeting between a baby rhino and a cameraman will surely make you smile.

Credit – Instagram

When Garth De Bruno Austin was getting ready to film some scenes about poaching rhinos in South Africa, he knew he would have to get close to these beautiful animals. But he never would have thought it would be such a pleasant meeting. But while filming the scenes, a baby rhino came up to him.

Credit – Instagram

The cute little rhino may have been more interested in Austin than anything else. But the man stood his ground quickly because he realized the wild rhino wouldn’t hurt him. All the wild animal wanted was for the cameraman to rub its belly, which he was happy to do. The cute moment was luckily caught on camera.

“If a rhino walks right up to you while you’re filming and asks for a rub, you’d better rub that rhino like your life depends on it!” Austin wrote in the video’s description. “I’m lucky that she didn’t touch my URSA Mini 4K camera!”

Credit – Instagram

Even though the scenes are very cute, the cameraman says that you should never interact with a wild animal because things could go very wrong. Austin said, “I didn’t go up to this animal it was her choice to let me come into her space and touch her.”



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