A stray dog was crying because she thought her puppy had been taken away from her.


Very mom in the planet is the same. No difference if it’s a human or an animal. This lovely story is about a stray dog who has puppies and takes care of them.

This dog’s mother is a stray black pit bull. She had her puppies on the street, all by herself and without any help. Stephanie saw her as she was walking across the street. One of her puppies was hanging on her mouth as she ran.

Credit – YouTube

Someone had to help the poor mother. She wanted to help, but she didn’t know how. Stephanie called the rescuers right away and told them what was going on. The team drove to the place where the mother dog was hiding, which was next to Stephanie’s house.

Credit – YouTube

The group found the stray dog and her puppies hiding behind a bush next to a wall. She wrapped herself around her new puppies. The young dog mom didn’t look like she trusted the helpers right now. She barked at anyone who tried to get close to her. She was willing to do anything to keep her babies safe.

Rescuers worked very carefully, and soon they were able to put a leash on the dog.

Credit – YouTube

They drove to a nearby vet and left the mother dog and the six puppies there. It was the safest place for thier family to live, with kind people looking out for them. They also said they would keep in touch with Stephanie.

Still, the young mother looked scared. The people who saved her gave her a warm, soft towel where she and her puppies could sleep. She was lucky that she realized that these people would help her. She calmed down and became nice!

They gave each puppy of the family a name that was a precious stone. They named the mom Jade, and the puppies Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Amber, Emerald, and Amethyst.

Credit – YouTube

The mother didn’t sleep well because she was worried about something.

The next morning, Stephanie called the people who had come to help. She told them she gave one of the puppies to her next-door neighbor. This poor puppy was always crying because she missed her loving family.

The puppy was given back because it was a mistake. The name of this one was Turquoise! After a while, the whole family was back together.

The young mother and her seven children were living there happily. Kind people have worked hard to keep them safe and healthy.



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