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Blind, old, ignored bison gets a new life after meeting her best friend forever

Everyone has hard times in their lives. It was the same for this beautiful bison.

When Helen was taken to the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon, she could not see and was very shy. Because of her illness, all of the animals on the farm ignored her for years. She would have to live independently without anyone to help her feel better. But then she met someone who changed her life.

Oliver is his name. Oliver was born on the farm. Luckily, He has a good heart and is a kind person. Once he talked to Helen, he won her trust, and from then on, they were best friends. Now, they can’t live without each other. He has become a young buffalo.

Helen was saved and brought to the sanctuary in the year 2016. Since then, she’s had trouble making friends.. But her kind new friend has not changed her at all.

Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

Their friendship is suitable for both of them. Helen’s mind got stronger, and now she’s very sure of herself. On the other hand, Oliver got a babysitter for free. They are both true friends.

Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

Oliver’s mom, Betsy, usually drops him off at Helen’s “daycare” and then goes off to do other things while Helen watches over him. And she doesn’t mind. There are even photos that were taken in secret that show them grooming each other. The way Helen takes care of her baby is powerful.

Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

The goal of the sanctuary is to tell the stories of the animals to the public. And change how people think about them for the better. Let’s hope all the animals there live as peacefully as Helen and Oliver did.

Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary


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