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A family dog was made a hero after saving a baby 7 months old from a cruel babysitter.

Parents want to feel confident in their babysitters and so they verify their backgrounds. Sometimes, however, parents don’t notice abuse of their babysitters because they are unable to see the sitters’ faces when they aren’t there.

Here’s how Finn and his parents discovered the abuse. Finn, 7 months old, was born to Benjamin and Hope. They both work so they can’t be there during the day.

Alexis Khan was hired to care for their baby. They made sure everything was perfect when they hired someone. They did everything right when they hired her. They are well-cared for and safe.

Killian was acting oddly when they first noticed it. Hope and Benjamin thought Killian was more attentive with Finn while Alexis, their babysitter, was there.

Killian became more irritable with Alexis as soon as she walked in the door. They decided to follow their gut instincts as things became worse.

Hope placed her phone under the sofa so that she could record what happened when Benjamin was not there.

They couldn’t talk to anyone about the record when they returned home. They were shocked. They were screaming, swearing, hitting one another, crying, and shouting.

Alexis was hurting their child. They knew it was obvious when they saw how Killian treated Alexis. She was sentenced to three years imprisonment after they told police about Alexis Khan. She was also added to a list of children who had been hurt.

Benjamin and Hope saved their baby Finn thanks to Killian. Finn’s family also signed Finn up for the service dog training program to make him a true superhero. That dog was so brave!

It’s so great to see everyone safe. Leave a comment below to tell us about Killian.

Are they a courageous and trustworthy dog? Are you familiar with a dog who has saved his owner? Tell us about it! Share the story with your Facebook friends and see what their thoughts are!


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