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It’s easy to be kind, but it seems rare these days.

This is the person you see. His name is Kahlief. Kahlief, a Hampton Inn front desk worker, noticed a young boy standing in front of his desk on Friday night and asked if he would like to see a card trick. I will tell you everything Kahlief didn’t know.

He didn’t know that the boy was autistic. Because it keeps him busy and his mind focused, he loves to learn card tricks and keep his hands busy. This little boy didn’t know his father had died several years ago. He also didn’t know he was on a waiting list to become a “big brother” for over two years. He lives with only his sister and mom.

Even though Kahlief did not know much, he was kind enough to say “yes” to Colin. He could have told Colin that he was too busy and to come back later. But he chose to keep his mouth shut. He allowed Colin to hang out at his desk for what seemed an eternity. He watched Colin perform card tricks, then showed Colin tricks he knew. He stopped doing what he was currently doing when the phone rang or a customer called.

He is seen on the phone with the person in the photo. However, the person who he was speaking to placed Colin on hold. But he never made Colin feel uncomfortable or out of place. He made sure to tell Colin that he had more tricks in the bag when he returned from work the next day. This kind man made time to take Saturday off, even though he didn’t know much about Colin.

Happy times are what we live for. It’s easy to be kind, but it seems that kindness doesn’t happen very often these days.


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