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A father creates a theme park for his child and makes a big difference for children with special needs.

Everyone wants to feel accepted and part of the community, no matter where they live. Many people feel excluded because of what happens to them, or because they are different. Morgan Hartman experienced this.

Gordon Hartman, Morgan’s father, wanted his daughter to feel more at home. Gordon Hartman showed his love for his daughter by building her own amusement park. A loving father will never forget the day his daughter felt at home for her first time.

Gordon searched all over the country, and even abroad for a park that would welcome everyone. Morgan struggled to make friends and fit in at a public swimming pool.

Gordon, who wanted to build the amusement park of his dreams for his 12-year-old daughter, got most of his ideas and inspirations from the following. Gordon began work on the project in 2006. He completed it in April 2010.

Morgan’s Wonderland is now open in San Antonio, Texas. It’s a place for kids and adults to have fun and be safe. The park offers rides and games that allow anyone to have fun and meet new friends. Continue reading for more information about this incredible story.

According to Morgan’s Wonderland’s official website, Gordon was inspired by the way other children treated his autistic daughter. Morgan was twelve years old at the time. She had difficulty getting along with others. Gordon wanted his daughter meet other girls her age and to make friends. Morgan was not able to communicate with the other children at the pool, which was disappointing. Morgan was not interested in joining the pool fun, so she chose just to watch.

Morgan’s father was a caring man and turned his sadness into a new goal. He wanted Morgan to be able to meet new people and have conversations with them without feeling alone or awkward. The determined man decided to create one because there wasn’t one.

PEOPLE reports that Gordon met with doctors, engineers, and therapists in order to raise funds and have many meetings. 35 million was spent on the design of this park, and construction began in 2007. The park is now open to all and was opened to the public in April 2010. Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a water park located inside the amusement park.

Morgan’s Wonderland, a place for children of all abilities, is currently a wonderful place where they can meet and feel loved. Inside Edition’s Gordon said, “It’s amazing that people don’t get the chance to do the same things as us, like ride a carousel.”

He stated, “Little things can really make a difference.”


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