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The following cats have mastered the art of napping in the most awkward positions

Cats are the most comfortable in the most unusual sleeping positions.

We are all well aware of how crazed and bizarre our feline companions can be. No one, simply no one, can prevent them from being awkward, and they have no qualms about being different. Cats are unabashedly awkward, and they enjoy taking naps in unusual sleeping positions to relieve themselves. Yes, that is their preferred mode of transportation.

You will be astonished to discover your kitten sleeping in an unusual position, but don’t worry, your cat is OK and is used to sleeping in this position. It may seem strange to you, but it is her preferred resting posture for your cat. Therefore, you should refrain from correcting her. Today, we’ve put together a collection of 10 of the cutest and craziest cats who know how to sleep in the most awkward postures. We’re confident that they’ll either make you laugh or surprise you with how creative they are.

1. When you are in your dream, you are living your finest life:

© Cassiuz / reddit

2. Oh, my gosh, the new bed is fantastic. While sleeping, I can move around

the house.

© unknown / imgur

3. When you put him in your pocket, and he falls asleep right away:

© unknown / imgur

4. When you can sleep in your dinner bowls, why needs a cat bed?

© unknown / imgur

5. She reached for her bed and fell asleep in its middle.

© unknown / imgur

6. She is violating physics rules.

© migraine_boy / reddit

7. When you don’t have any commitments, this is how you sleep.

© Ixa / reddit

8. When you’re tired, yoga is essential

© The Cat Doctor Veterinary Center

9. That’s how we sleep on Mondays when home from work.

© BuffaloVampireSlayer / reddit

10. When you don’t want anyone to know where you’re sleeping, use this method.

© what_the_vulture / reddit


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