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Pitbull adopted orphaned newborn raccoons and cared for them as if they were her children.

Animals are highly affectionate, and they have never hesitated to assist one another. Dogs are endowed with the gentlest souls, as demonstrated on several occasions. Here’s another example to back it up.

When three newborn raccoons lost their mother, they were helpless, but a loving dog named Ashlyn gave them the love & comfort they needed.

The dog was initially perplexed because it was such a significant burden.

On the other hand, the pit bull gradually accepted the tiny creatures and cared for them as her children. Rain, Storm, and Hailey, three young raccoons, lost their mother when only a few weeks old.


They sought safety in the backyard of a Canadian home because they were alone and vulnerable. This decision had a significant impact on their lives. Initially, the caring family fed the babies by hand. Still, they soon saw that Ashlyn could be an excellent adoptive mother and decided to give her a chance.

Ashlyn was entrusted with caring for the babies by the family. The dog was a little cautious at first, but her motherly instinct kicked in, and she gave them a good look. They now appear to be a large, happy family. According to Katie, the dog’s mother, Ashlyn, was unsure about them when the trio initially came.

After a few days, though, she had accepted them as if they were her puppies.

Katie and Ashlyn are teaching their children how to survive in the outdoors, even though they are pleased together. They are wild animals who must return to their natural habitat.


The family has even created an Instagram account for the three raccoons so that anyone interested in assisting them in their recovery can do so. It’s beautiful what the family did for the raccoon babies! We are optimistic that the raccoons will be rehabilitated shortly.


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