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A cancer-stricken shelter dog searches for a forever home to spend her final days.

When we hear stories about dogs who have spent their entire lives without love and are now suffering from an incurable sickness, it breaks our hearts.

However, such stories do arise once and then. The SPCA of Wake County is looking for a home for a 10-year-old dog who is nearing the end of his life.

Joyanna, the dog, has been through a lot in her life and is now suffering from terminal cancer. When her owners discovered she had a volleyball-sized breast tumour, they surrendered her. The SPCA is currently looking for a permanent home for her to help her in her dying days.


Joyanna had spent her entire life outside and had received little attention. They posted on Facebook. Although the SPCA of Wake County was unsure how long she would live, whether days, weeks, or months, they decided she should spend her final days in a shelter.

According to the SPCA, she deserved to spend her final days in a warm home surrounded by a family’s affection. She can be held, indulged, and feel safe in this environment. According to volunteers, her heart was bursting with love and thankfulness for every instant of attention she received.

Two vets examined her, and it was evident that the best thing for Joyanna to do in the time she had left was to offer her as much joy as possible. The cheerful dog wags her tail, indicating that she enjoys being outside and rolling on the grass.

Joyanna will need a particular home for the rest of her life, according to the SPCA. It would be the perfect farewell present for the dog. We hope Joyanna can find a loving home soon.


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