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The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists range from a monkey with “blue balls” to gossiping raccoons.

Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam founded the Comedy Wildlife Photographic Awards in 2015 as a global photography competition. It was founded to use positive and happy visuals to promote the conservation of wildlife and their environments.

This year is no different.

A monkey with “blue balls,” chatting raccoons, a melancholy bird, a smiling snake, and many other creatures are among the winners and finalists of the 2021 competition, which were recently unveiled.

01. Leaning post

©Andrew Parkinson – comedywildlifephoto.com

In Russia, a young cub decides to use his patient mother as a leaning post.

02. Just checking

©Larry Petterborg – comedywildlifephoto.com

Vervet Monkey in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park inspects passers-by’s situation.

03. Laughing Snake

©Aditya Kshirsagar – comedywildlifephoto.com

In western India, a vine snake shows anger by extending its jaws wide. Their grin is as harmless as they are.

04. Angry Bird

©Patrick Dirlam – comedywildlifephoto.com

For nearly 15 minutes, the photographer observed this Ruby-crowned Kinglet as it hopped from one branch to the next in rapid succession. “I suppose it realized I was following it because it suddenly came to a halt and gazed at me for almost three seconds!”

©Patrick Dirlam – comedywildlifephoto.com

05. Dinner with Smoked Deer

©Siddhant Agrawal – comedywildlifephoto.com

This adolescent female tiger in India’s Jim Corbett National Park stood on her hind limbs to scratch her face with a plank of wood, although not carrying it on her shoulders as it seems.

06. Summer has come to an end, I guess.

©John Speirs – comedywildlifephoto.com

Autumn has arrived in London for this pigeon.

07. Beak-a-boo

In Lee Valley Park, a young man sticks his head out for the camera.

©Charlie Page – comedywildlifephoto.com

08. Mood on Monday Morning

©Andrew Mayes – comedywildlifephoto.com

At the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in South Africa, a grumpy pied starling is one of a group perched in a tree.

09. I got you

©Roland Kranitz – comedywildlifephoto.com

‘I got you,’ by Roland Kranitz, portrays two gophers in a playful toss-up, a magnificent display of their athleticism.

10. The illusion of a ride

©Dirk Jan Steehouwer – comedywildlifephoto.com

At Murchison Falls in Uganda, a monkey appears to be riding a giraffe.

11. Warm-ups for the opera

©Lea Scaddan – comedywildlifephoto.com

“In the field, the kangaroo appeared to be singing ‘The hills are alive, with the sound of music,'” Scaddan wrote.

12. See who can jump the highest.

©Chi Han Lin – comedywildlifephoto.com

Chu Han Lin’s painting ‘See who jumps high’ depicts the energetic leap of a mudskipper fish in Taiwan.

13. Don’t be concerned. Have fun!

©Axel Bocker – comedywildlifephoto.com

“A dragonfly on a flower looks into my camera early in the morning and appears to be laughing.”

14. Bald Eagle, Majestic and Graceful

©David Eppley – comedywildlifephoto.com

This Bald Eagle, usually adept at breaking branches off trees while in flight, wasn’t in top form, maybe due to exhaustion from working nonstop all morning on a new nest.

15. Yes, I did it

©Dikky Oesin – comedywildlifephoto.com

When you achieve your objectives, this is the expression you make.

16. The Photo-Bombing Phenomenon

©Cheryl Strahl – comedywildlifephoto.com

A polar bear youngster photobombs a poignant moment between its mother and a sister in northern Alaska.

17. Ouchh!

©Ken Jensen – comedywildlifephoto.com

Is there anything else we can say about this image?

18. Let’s dance

©Andy Parkinson – comedywildlifephoto.com

Two Kamchatka bear cubs square up for a joyous play fight after successfully navigating a raging torrent

(little stream! ).

19. Secrets

©Jan Piecha – comedywildlifephoto.com

The raccoon pups are whispering secrets to one another.

20. How can you open that dangling window?

©Nicolas de Vaux – comedywildlifephoto.com

A raccoon from France attempting to gain in. Don’t you think it’s a little cliched?


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