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From a Six-Year-Old, A Dog’s Purpose

The following is a 6-year-surprise old’s response.

As a veterinarian, I was summoned to evaluate Belker, a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound. Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little son Shane, the dog’s owners, all connected to Belker and hoped for a miracle.

When I examined Belker, I discovered that he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn’t help Belker and offered to execute the euthanasia treatment in their home.

Ron & Lisa told me that they thought it would be beneficial for Shane, their six-year-old son, to witness the procedure while we were making plans. They were hoping Shane would learn something from the experience.

As Belker’s family surrounded him the next day, I felt a familiar knot in my throat. I wondered if Shane, who was patting the elderly dog for the last time, understood what was happening. Belker vanished quietly in a matter of minutes.

Belker’s transition appeared to be without hardship or perplexity for the young child. After Belker’s death, we sat together for a long, lamenting the tragic fact that dogs’ lives are shorter than human lives. “I know why,” Shane, quietly listening, said.

We all looked at him, startled. What he said after that astounded me. Never have I heard a more reassuring explanation. It has influenced how I strive to live.

He added, “People are born to learn how to have a decent life.” “Like always loving everyone and being polite, right?” “Well, dogs already know how to do that,” added the six-year-old, “so they don’t have to stay as long as humans do.”

Live a simple life.

Give abundantly of yourself.

You show a lot of concern.

Kindly express yourself.

Remember, if your instructor were a dog, you’d learn things like:

• Always sprint to greet your loved ones when they get home.
• Never pass up the chance to take a joyride.
• Allow the sensation of breathing fresh air and feeling the breeze on your face to be pure Ecstasy.

• Take naps when you can.

• Stretch before getting out of bed.

• Every day, run, romp, and play.

• Enjoy being the center of attention and allowing others to touch you.

• When a mere growl will suffice, avoid biting.

• Avoid laying on your back on the grass on hot days.

• Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and lying under a shady tree on hot days.

• Dance around and wag your entire-body when you’re happy.

• Take pleasure in the simple pleasures of a lengthy walk. • Be dependable.• Never try to be someone you aren’t.

• Dig till you find what you’re looking for if it’s buried.

• Be silent, sit near by, and gently nuzzle someone who is having a difficult day.

That is the secret of happiness that a good dog can teach us.

Source: vetwest


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