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These horses will take your breath away : 5 Majestic Horse Breeds in the world

Humans and horses share an ancient relationship. It is believed that Asians must have domesticated these friendly animals some 4000 years ago. Horses are well-known for their courage, bravery and strength. In old days they were used for transportation. Now they work in farms and compete in racing. There are estimated number of 400 breeds of horses in the world. Among them, these five-horse breed are considered the most beautiful and rare.

  • The Golden Akhal Teke
Source: Facebook/Heartofahorse

According to many Equestrians, Golden Akhal Teke is the most beautiful horse on the planet.

Known for their speed and endurance, this golden horse is mostly used in raids, horseback jumping and leisure riding.

Their shiny fur coat renders them a bronze-like posture.

Golden Akhal Teke is the national emblem of Turkmenistan.

Their expected life span is 21 years top.

  • The Shire
Makarova Viktoria/Shutterstock.com

Shires are a massive horse breed with a mild temper. They are easy-going horses mostly used as work horses.

Shires are native to England and experience a life span of 21-31 years.

They are also used to pull sightseeing vehicles and leisure riding activities.

  • The Arabian

As their wise and thoughtful features suggest, Arabian horses are the oldest horse breed of the world.

They were traded worldwide and used for hauling loads and transportation.

They are able to run long distance in intense heat. Hence make good racing horses.

It is said that only a well experienced horse rider can handle an Arabian horse.

  • The Andalusian

This majestic horse with an elegantly flowing tail and luscious mane is a war horse.

Their speed, endurance and bravery favored them with military duty during world wars.

Their origins are Spanish yet now can be seen world-wide.

Their long neck and strong muscles render them an athletic look.

  • The Marwari

The last in our list is considered one of the rarest horse breeds on planet. Most people do not have the opportunity of seeing a Marwari firsthand. These horses live in India and participate in sports events such as Polo. One significant feature of a Marwari is his inwardly curled ears.


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