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Snow Leopards are the Only Leopard who wears a Scarf

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This endangered species is native to the mountain areas of Central and Southern Asia. Snow leopards are also known as the ounce. Owing to their living area, they are known as highest living predators on planet.

They have a white fur coat and a long bushy tail which they use as a scarf to wrap themselves in cold weather. When they sleep, they hide their face (mainly nose) with their tails.

Their black – dotted pattern is said to be unique to each and every one of them.


Their tail also supports them to balance their bodies. They live and roam around mountains. Balancing themselves are crucial to snow leopards.


Unlike other panthera species, snow leopards cannot roar. They do instead a meowingand purr when breathing.

Snow leopards are solitary roamers and active in early morning hours and late evening hours.

They are considered as opportunistic predators who can hunt down a prey three times his size.

 Their diet is mainly based on mountain ibex and blue sheep. They also hunt smaller animals like rabbits and game birds.

Snow leopards grow larger. They can weigh 120 pounds. Their expected lifetime is 15-20 years.


This beautiful leopard is listed as vulnerable in IUCN red list due to several reasons. One is the destruction of habitats owing to industrial constructions.

Sadly this is not the only threat they have to put up with. Major risk they face is the poaching and illegal trade of body parts.

Their native countries are taking measures to protect them. in India, they are granted safety by wildlife protection act and a hunting of a snow leopard is declared illegal.


There are also many nature reserves and sanctuaries where snow leopards are being protected.

Just like polar bears, it is difficult to create an artificial climate they can tolerate.



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