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Rainbow-colored pools in the Red Desert.

These dazzling pool-like ponds surrounded by a red land of Utah desert attracts many tourists. However, these ponds are Potash evaporation tanks.

While there are two other ponds of same type in United States which belongs to same Inc. the one in Moab city Utah is considered the most famous.

The bright colors are a result of evaporation process itself. The workers usually dye water bright blue in order that it absorb sun light and heat faster. This helps reduce the time Potash takes to crystallize.

The evaporation process in Moab ponds takes nearly 300 days. once finished, mine can produce 700-1000 tons of potash per day.

While the evaporation process is going on, the colors of the water change dramatically. In different stages of evaporation ponds display a range of rainbow colors such as yellow, white, orange and turquoise.

This phenomenon creates a scenic and outwardly view along the Colorado river.

If you ever plan to visit these splendid ponds, it is advisable that Summertime is the best period since the intense evaporation process during summer results in a wide range of colors. And you can get a better view from Potash scenic byway which follows the Colorado river.


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