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Bridges from Heaven – Surprisingly splendid rainbow types.

No matter how old you get, a rainbow would never stop amusing you. The chances of spotting a normal rainbow itself is slim. Therefore, if you ever get to see one of these five most beautifully shaped rainbows, count yourself lucky.

  • Full circled rainbows

While many of are familiar to semi-circle rainbows, a full circle one might be a strange sight. But lots of you may be unaware that all the rainbows are full – circled. We don’t get to see them as they are since we always see them from the ground.

  • Double Rainbows

It’s a combination of two rainbows. This fabulous couple appears when a mirror image of primary rainbow occurs right below it.

  • Lunar Rainbow
moonbow at Victoria Falls, Africa.

Lunar rainbows are also known as “rainbows under the moonlight”. They can even occur during night and scarcely visible to naked eyes. Which means you can see the true beauty of a lunar rainbow only through a photograph.

  • Monochrome rainbow

a completely red rainbow which is considered a rare sight which can occur when a sun is about to set. It is known as a metrological phenomenon.

  • Circumzenithal arc rainbow

This rainbow is an upside-down rainbow. These fantastic rainbows happen when sunlight passes through the crystal ice in clouds.


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