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Five birds that a Cheetah can not outrun.

Although Cheetah’s speed is impressive many of you would be surprised to hear that it is not the fastest animal in the world. Cheetah cannot outrun some birds who are known to be the fastest animals on planet.

  • 1 Peregrine Falcon 

Believed to be the fastest mammal on earth a Cheetah can sprint at 60 mph and attain a maximum speed of 70 mph. This big cat, who purrs instead of roaring, can only sustain its speed for few minutes. However it enables him to run down its prey and kill it by tripping.

This magnificent bird can reach up to 242 mph when it stoops. Often when it catches a prey, it does a swooping dive with wings swept back. This is when Peregrine Falcon reaches its top speed.

  • 2 Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle Wikipedia

A bird commonly occurring in Myths and Legends and comparatively rare in nature.

Golden Eagle can reach 200 mph of speed for its dive. They prey mostly on small mammals.

  • 3 White-throated Needletail
Swift gliding with anhedral

Needletail derives its name from the spiny pointed tip of its tail. Its swift back long wings allows it to reach a maximum speed of 106 mph. These birds breed over much of central Asia migrating to Australia only during winter.

  • 4 Swift
Common swift, Apus apus in flight, © David Moreton

The smallest in the list this bird spends most of its entire life in flight. You can easily distinguish it by its screeching cry. It reaches up to 106 mph when hunting its prey.

They spend winters in Sab- Saharan Africa migrating to Europe during Spring time

  • 5 Frigatebird

They have the largest widespan-to-weight ratio of any bird. Because of this they can barely walk but can fly at 95 mph. nestling around the Pacific ocean these birds spend most of their lives flying over the open ocean snatching their food from the surface water.


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