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The tiny guest the received, on thanksgiving becomes family.

The night before thanksgiving a man walked into his kitchen with an armload of firewood to be greeted with a strange sight that almost surprised him at the same time melted his heart.

A small mouse was sitting upright hanging its head low over his hunched-over shoulders. The little mouse looked asleep. The helpless posture made the man think that the mouse was in need of care.

As he slowly approached the little stranger with arms outstretched, it lifted its tiny head and once again slumped back to its former sleepiness. It made no attempt whatsoever to move.

At first the man thought the cause of its vulnerable state was a belly full of stolen food. But the little creature was injured. It had a badly wounded leg.

The man slowly picked it up without any protest. Sensing the care the mouse fell asleep in this man’s hands.

the man spent no time in consulting a wildlife rehabilitator who advised him to give the mouse a week’s cage rest in order for the wound to heal on its own. This really did work out and within a week the mouse was showing a good progress.

“Our guest will be with us for a few more days until it is strong enough to be integrated with a colony – at that time, we’ll bring it to our dear friend Ellen Jackie, a wildlife rehabilitator and the artist behind House-Mouse Designs. She will keep the mouse through the winter and release it when it is stronger, in early spring.”  The man remarked.

However, things took a different turn so that the mouse happened to become a permanent member of the family.

The rehabilitator stated the little creature unable to live on its own due to the nerve damage of its hinder leg. The family adopted the mouse and now little “Pilgrim” has its own Facebook page.

Source : FaceBook



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