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Crawling death in Africa; top five deadliest snakes in the continent.

Africa houses perhaps the most evolved animals for survival. This is the continent where wilderness thrives. Since the famous cats in Africa prey upon snakes, they naturally are fighters in birth on this continent. It’s true that fables surrounding snakes are always terrifying no matter where they live, but Africa’s crawlers bear the most feared reputation. Listed below are the five most dangerous snakes you can encounter in Africa and the reasons why you should be afraid of them.

  • Black Mumba
Black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) – ‘Kiss of death’ – visualization

It is fair to say Mumba is continent’s most feared and deadliest snake. It’s neuro and cardio-toxic venom extremely potent in killing dozen men within less than an hour. Without anti-venom its mortality rate is 100%.

If this doesn’t scare you, Mumba can reach a speed of 20Km/h. outrunning this aggressive crawler is almost impossible.

  •  Mozambique Spitting Cobra.

The most common and widespread crawler in tropical and subtropical Africa is considered the second deadliest snake.

Its bite can cause severe tissue damage and vision impairment. To make things worse the snake can spit its cytotoxic venom with great accuracy.

When needed they also can elevate to as much as two third of its body length.  good many reasons to avoid this snake at any cost.

  • Boomslang
Willem Van Zyl

This is the most venomous rear-fanged snake in the world.

It’s a tree-dweller who can open its mouth the largest. (180 degree).

One good thing about this crawler is that they are extremely timid and therefore human bites are rare.

  •  Cape Cobra

This elegant crawler’s venom is the most potent of all African Cobras.

Mortality rate in human is more than 60% unless treated immediately.

Its neurotoxic venom can kill a person within less than two hours.

  •  Saw-Scaled Viper,

The last but not least in our list is the crawler of Viper family. This bad tempered viper is one of the most aggressive snakes in Africa.

Although small in size, its venom is said to be 5 times more toxic than any Cobra and 16 times more toxic than Asia’s most venomous Vipers.

However he will let you know before it strikes with a menacing sizzle. Better left alone for by the time you hear it, it would probably be a little late to avoid him.

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