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Golden-haired and black-haired twins – most adorable divergence.


Believe it or not, these adorable baby boys dressed in Yoruba tribe clothes are twin brothers. There significance could not be overemphasized.

While unidentical twins aren’t a rare sight these Nigerian Twins have amassed a sizable following on Instagram where their parents have posted cute pictures of them.

While David was born with albinism, his older brother Daniel was born with dark skin and dark hair taking after his mom and dad.

Their mother Stacy said that when she happened to see a golden-haired boy coming out followed by a regular black-haired boy, she was beyond surprised.

“It was the most amazing thing” she further remarked.

The doctor had confirmed the extraordinary phenomenon saying she seemingly has totally unidentical twins.

Strangers stop David and Daniel’s mum in the street Credit: SWNS

One in 20000 people on the planet has albinism. So does Daniel. While Albinism comes with its own psychological and physical challenges, Stacy confirmed that both her sons are doing great at home.

It was a Minions-themed party for the boys’ first birthday in March.

On their Instagram page Daniel and David often appears in cute matching dresses.

Daniel and David (@danielanddavid2) • Instagram photos and videos

A society can be somewhat stigmatizing to a person with albinism. But Daniel and David are most loved by their community.

“Every time we leave the house, people want to know how and what we’re doing, and maybe because of how adorable they are, you want to come close to say hello”, Stacy explained.

She added that while she couldn’t speak for others, she herself finds the two boys attractive and beautiful on their own.


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