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A Girl with a Hereditary Patch of White Hair Identical to Her Mother’s Lineage.

Family members sharing identical physical features is a fortuity, and the chances are most likely slim for a baby girl to be born with same white patch of hair as her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

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Such is the case with MilliAnna Worthy, born in Ridgeland, South Carolina. She inherited a patch of white hair from her mother’s lineage. 18 months after she was born, it was obvious that her genetic feature was cut from the same cloth as her mom’s.

Little MilliAnna’s birthmark is telling evidence to support one of the two contrasting theories about birthmarks; some believes they are random while others hold the position of markings being hereditary.

MilliAnna’s white fringe is caused by a condition named Poliosis. An uncommon condition due to which the skin and hair surrounding it lack melanin, resulting in a white patch.

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Brianna, mother of MilliAnna says that she is unsure about the extent of the birthmark, Brianna stated. “My grandmother was adopted as a child and never met her biological family.”

But sure do they know that both MilliAnna’s grandmother and great grandmother had the same white hair patch.

Brianna had always wished that her daughter would inherit the one-of-a-kind characteristic. Brianna’s soon-to-be mother was uncertain whether her daughter would receive it due to the absence of one of her older sisters.

“However, when they placed her on my breast, and I discovered she possessed it, I was pleased.” She declared.


Brianna had grown up to love the distinctive feature on her hair as unique. She believed that it defined her character. Seeing her daughter with the same feature which in her eyes is outstanding and exceptional Brianna was delighted and was determined to make her daughter see the beauty of it.

“I intend to raise my child with the knowledge that she is lovely and great and to teach her not to take offence at times,” Brianna remarked.

MilliAnna is indeed blessed to have shared characteristic with such a smart and understanding mother. They would be able to relate to each other splendidly.


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