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Turkish Woman in Labor At 42000 Ft is Assisted by The Cabin Crew of The Flight.

Cabin Crew on a Turkish Airline’s flight; Boeing 737 departed from Guinea on Friday assisted a woman in labor pains to deliver her baby safely.

© Turkish Airlines

Nafi Diaby, the mother who was 28 weeks pregnant has complained of labor pains soon after the flight took off from Guinea’s capital Conakry to Istanbul via Ouagadougou.

Nafi and her baby “Kadiju”, although are exhausted a little after the entire process were reported to be in good health.

© Turkish Airlines

The cabin crew together with the help of the passengers assisted the delivery at 42000 ft.

After the smooth landing of Boeing B737-900 type aircraft to the Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso capital, the flight crew quickly admitted the pair to a hospital where they are to be kept under observation for a while.

© Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines’ Ouagadougou station officials reported that upon witnessing the pregnant- traveler suffering from labor pains, the cabin crew of the Turkish Airlines’ TK538 Conakry (Guinea)-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) Flight promptly responded and attended to her needs. The statement also confirmed that the mother, Nafi and her newborn baby girl Kadiju are safe and without any health issues.


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