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Off duty officer sacrifices his life to save three young girls from drowning.

It was late August of 2020. Sergeant Sivad Johnson was taking a trip to Belle Isle with his 10-year-old daughter. All at once they noticed three girls fighting to stay afloat and screaming for help.

Johnson and another man jumped in and saved one girl while the other two were being saved by another boat.

Soon the crown gathered to check on the three girls. They didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Suddenly Johnson’s daughter noticed her father wasn’t there. In the haste to save the girls he had gone missing.

Even though a search was soon initiated and a search party including divers, fire fighters and officers searched the area top to bottom, unfortunately Johnson’s life could not be saved. He was reported drowned by Michigan state police.

By the time of his passing Johnson had been working in the Detroit Fire Department for over 26 years.  His colleagues and friends from work said he was a mentor; teacher and he always made their careers.

Deputy fire commissioner Dave Fornell said that on the day Johnson’s body was brought to hospital there had not been a dry eye. “I’ve never seen as many firefighters as emotional as this. He was almost bigger than life. He just moved a lot of people.” Dave remarked.

A huge number of firefighters had gathered in front of the hospital to salute their heroic colleague for the one last time. One of Johnson’s friends started a GoFundMe page to help the family during the time of grief. 

A year had passed since Johnson bravely sacrificed her life in a heroic attempt to save three lives. His family’s only consolation is that he died a hero. Johnson was a beloved husband and a loving father, may his soul rest in peace!


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