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Mother of “Black and White” Twins, teaches them to Embrace Differences.

Getting to see your baby for the first time is perhaps the most exciting part of the parenthood. Cuddling on to the little bundle of your own flesh and blood comparing their features to yours and your partner’s to determine who the baby looks more like is a life changing experience most parents look forward to. However, occasionally the very first glimpse at your baby might leave you agape.

Such was the case with Judith Nwokocha who gave birth to twins only to find they had completely opposite skin colors.

Having gone through 2 IVF to get pregnant Judith was ecstatic to have found out she was having twins. Every passing minute reminding her of her two babies whom she was beyond excited to welcome home, she spent most of her time talking and singing to them. So, when one of her babies stopped growing, her labor was immediately induced.

After a successful Caesarean, Judith became a proud mother of a boy and a girl. Little did she knew another surprise was awaiting her.

Her baby boy, Kamsi shared the same skin color as her. But the little baby girl , Kuchi resembled  Snow White.

Being a black woman Judith never expected to have a white girl. She expressed her amazement upon seeing Kuchi as “The first time I saw her, I wondered if the nurse was handing me my baby, or someone else’s.”  She remarked that she was utterly surprised and waited for the nurse to tell her it was a mix up.

Soon the little snow white was diagnosed with Albinism. Judith knew full well the challenges accompanying such condition. Yet at the same time she realized her little girl was a miracle and therefore incredibly lucky.

“I always tell her how beautiful she is, because she really is. I wouldn’t trade her condition for a million dollars because she’s perfect to me in every way.” Judith says although her daughter was still too young to realize her uniqueness, she was making sure Kuchi would grow to love and appreciate herself in future. “it’s my responsibility” Judith says.

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