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California off-duty police officer saves the life of a choking baby.

Seeing a Police officer in time of an adversity is a huge relief for any person. For the same reason a lot is expected from a police officer by a community. They are to be protectors of lives day and night, off duty or on duty, uniformed or not.

Gilbert Troche a Californian police officer proved his dedication to his job after saving the life of an infant while he was off duty.

Troche and his family were driving back home after spending some quality time at the movies where they watched “Free Guy” when they came upon a woman and her chocking baby on the roadside.

Troche says it was his wife who first saw the woman who seemed to have in a desperate need of help.

He jumped out the minute he saw the distraught look on the woman’s face and went to help her.

Her baby was choking, and Troche knew exactly what to do in such situations. He said the baby was not breathing by the time he took it into his arms.

“When I heard him crying, it was a great relief” He remarked.

The clever officer managed to get the baby to breathe and eliminated the risk of the baby going into a coma.


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