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04 Things We Loved About Royal Wedding Gowns

Among the most anticipated aspects of a royal wedding is, without a doubt, the reveal of the bride’s gown. Everyone’s attention is focused on the bride as she steps out of the car. Then we’re reminded of the fairy stories we heard as children. However, while the moment appears idyllic, many elements go overlooked by the general audience.

We want to show you how some actual bridal gowns, which was a dream come true for their owners, were made, as well as the exciting nuances they conceal.

1. Kate Middleton


Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designed Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s gown. At the bride’s desire, who worked on the design, merging tradition and contemporary. The lace flowers were produced by hand and placed on the dress one by one. Kate donned a tiara that belonged to Queen Elizabeth as a “something borrowed.” The gown cost a little more than $300,000.

2. Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II eschewed the customary white gown favouring an ivory silk gown. It was encrusted with 10,000 tiny pearls and crystals. It also had stars stitched on it, representing rebirth and growth after the war. Because the country was rationed, the queen utilized clothes coupons to pay for the garment.

3. Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco

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Grace Kelly’s beautiful elegance as a Hollywood actress became an inspiration to many. Her wedding gown was no different. It took months to make and featured hand-sewn pearls as well as a 91-centimetre train. The total cost was $7,266, not including the designer’s charge.

4. Princess Eugenie of York

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Princess Eugenie chose a gown with a lengthy train and a neckline that folded across her shoulders. The back was lowered at her request to show off a scar from a childhood surgery. She explained that she had always desired a dress with the tattoo since it tells a tale about her history and future. A minimum of $135,000 was spent on the ensemble.


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