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Mom gives birth to black and white twins, and she gets an even larger surprise seven years later.

The unpredictability character of things is perhaps the fascinating aspect of existence.

From the outside, Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant appear to be an ordinary couple, yet their genes are unique. This is shown by the fact that they had not one but two sets of twins…

Alison is Caucasian with blue eyes and red hair, while Dean is West Indian. As a result, he has brown hair, eyes, and a dark complexion.

The couple assumed their twins would be identical when they found out they were expecting. They were taken aback when Alison gave birth to Laura and Hayleigh in 2001.

Laura had her mother’s fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair, while her twin sister had her father’s dark skin.

Their parents had to deal with queries about how this could have happened and disbelief, and then the girls had to deal with questions from their schoolmates.

A geneticist says the chances of twins being multiracial are 1 in 500.

Seven years later, Alison was pregnant with twins again!

Alison’s kids were breech this time, so she was induced at 37 weeks. Due to respiratory concerns, the infants were taken away to urgent care shortly after birth, and Alison and Dean never got to see them fully.

They had another set of miracle multiracial twins!

Her sister Miya was born with her father’s – and Lauren’s – darker looks.

Non-identical twins are uncommon, according to Dr. Sarah Jarvis of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

“It’s unusual for two eggs to be fertilized and come out with different hues,” she continued.

“I’m almost as awestruck as the rest of them,” Dean told CBS News. “I’m still stunned seven years later. It’s amazing.”

Leah and Miya have two older sisters who have helped them overcome obstacles.

Lauren and Hayleigh are Leah’s heroes.

I’m in the same boat as you. When we grow up, we want to be like them.”

Despite their differences on the surface, the girls feel they are similar in many ways.

Hayleigh explained, “We say the same thing at the same time.”

“Sometimes, I can read her mind.”

The world works in mysterious ways, but one thing’s for sure: Alison and Dean are lucky to have been blessed in such away.


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