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5 Celebrities Who Aren’t Concerned With Lifts or Botox and Are Simply Themselves

For celebrities, especially actors and artists, a bright appearance is a valuable weapon, and their success is frequently dependent on it. It’s no surprise, then, that they go to great lengths to preserve it, enlisting the help of cosmetologists and even plastic surgeons. However, many celebrities are vehemently opposed to such advancements.

We discovered which of our favourite celebrities choose to age naturally rather than seek medical intervention.

Claudia Schiffer

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The model admitted that she has never utilized any invasive measures to keep her look young and that she is more afraid of Botox than wrinkles. She stated that she would never undergo surgery since she was terrified of the consequences. Schiffer also feels that ageing is a natural part of life and that everyone must accept that their appearance will change with time.

Julia Roberts

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The well-known actress is opposed to Botox and plastic surgery. She says she feels horrible for many women who modify their faces so much that they don’t allow themselves to see how they’ll appear as they get older. She wants her children to see all of her emotions on her face.

Jennifer Lopez

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J.Lo refuses to say whether she has had Botox or plastic surgery. Her fans noted that her forehead remained immovable at one point, indicating that she had Botox injections. However, the singer claims that it’s just her face, that she hasn’t done anything similar, and that she doesn’t see the need because she feels “beautiful in her flesh.”

Amanda Peet

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Peet admitted in one of her interviews that she had never undergone Botox injections and had never used any other harsh treatments relating to her face and that she has no plans to do so.

Meryl Streep

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The actress is opposed to plastic surgery because it does not always work out. According to Streep, surgical modifications that are visible are like a veil on the face for actors.


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