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15 Times When Abandoned Things Became Even More Adorable

You can feel the mysterious sensations about you if you’ve ever visited an abandoned house. For some areas, time seems to stand still, and you begin to picture what life was like before people decided to go. A great tale can be hidden underneath abandoned items.

We’re fascinated by the strange, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 abandoned finds that have been transformed into works of art.

1. There is no correct answer to how this wheel arrived in its current location.

© Ri-RiY/reddit

2. “I accidentally left a Coke can face down in a forest, and it was still there when I returned a year later. “

© Golden_Tea/reddit

3. “Someone hanged their misplaced glasses from this tree near the hiking trail.”

© Paaaaaaaaap/reddit

4. In Oregon, a plane lands in the middle of a forest.

© LoganGoodfellow1/Shutterstock.com

5. “This statue was discovered in a run-down residence.”

© memezzer/reddit

6. “I’m completely enamoured with the abandoned ship we discovered today.”

© Whatevenhappenshere/reddit

7. “My companion and I came across an abandoned building, which turned out to be a bank when we got inside.”

© tacoliker1/reddit

“Here’s a shot of him in the vault below.”

8. “This frame was discovered by my pals and me outside an abandoned cotton mill. I decided to have a good time with it.”

© thenicolai/reddit

9. “An abandoned house in the Russia’s Republic of Karelia.”

© iam_nobody/reddit

10. “Has anyone lost a camera in the same way that a camera was lost 80 years ago at Eagle Creek?”


11. “I came upon these statues the other day.”

© saft-punk/reddit

12. “An abandoned villa in Iran.”

© swoooom/reddit

13. “Make a wish.”

© Disastrous-Carpet271/reddit

14. “Helloo?”

© casacass/reddit

15. Inside the watches is a biosphere.

© contemplationofdust/reddit


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