Retired nurse steps in to save the day after the father was KICKED off from a flight with his 4-day-old kid…

Retired nurse steps in to save the day after the father was KICKED off from a flight with his 4-day-old kid...

Rubin Swift was stranded at the Phoenix International Airport with his four-day-old daughter. When Rubin inquired with Frontier Airlines about travelling with his daughter, the airline requested that he furnish them with a copy of his daughter’s birth certificate. They also informed him that the infant needed to be seven days old to fly.

Rubin was trapped with his kid, and he was unsure of how he would manage the next three days without food. “In the hospital, they told me that I couldn’t get the birth certificate for another seven days.” he explained. Rubin is a 43-year-old man from Cleveland, Ohio, who resides in the United States.

“I was concerned that if security discovered me sleeping at the airport with a baby, they would take her away from me and charge me with negligence,” he explained. ” “I was in a bind.”


The father of Rubin’s kid was involved in a relationship, and he had gone to Phoenix to obtain custody of his daughter. Rubin was reminded of a volunteer lady from Banner University Medical Center sitting on the airport’s first level while waiting for his flight. Rubin and his daughter had been transported to the airport by the lady, who had also provided Rubin with her phone number.

At the newborn care unit, where Rubin’s daughter Andrea had been placed as a precaution, he met the elderly lady, Joy Ringhofer, 78, and conversed with her. After flying to Phoenix to seek custody of his ex-kid, girlfriend Rubin flashed back to the pleasant Banner University Medical Center volunteer who had offered to take him there and had given him her phone number. Rubin had forgotten about her until now.


Rubin dialled Joy’s phone and informed him of his predicament. Joy instantly responded by saying that she would return to the airport to pick him up. PEOPLE were told about their happiness. When he asked me if I was going to take him home with me, I told him that I was going to. He should “wait right there.” Rubin owns and runs a little deli. When he married Tiffany, he had three children from his first marriage and four stepchildren from his second marriage.


“I’m bl-ack, and she’s white,” Rubin explained. When I met her, I was an unknown person who grew up in the Bronx projects. She’s a great-grandmother who lost her husband to a heart attack. She had no prior knowledge of me, yet she welcomed me into her home. She didn’t care about the colour of her skin.

In this insane world, she demonstrated to me that there is still room for kindness.”


Rubin and Tiffany were informed about the birth of his daughter Andrea earlier in March. Rubin had limited financial resources; therefore, they could only arrange for one plane ticket to take him and his daughter to their destination. He took a flight to Phoenix, where he planned to return with his daughter in two or three days. When Rubin informed Tiffany about the circumstances, Tiffany became agitated and scared. When he contacted me from the airport and told me that he would be denied entry until he could provide proof of his birth certificate within four days, I became frightened.


“Rubin informed Tiffany that Joy had assisted him and that he would remain with her until he could obtain Andrea’s legal birth certificate. “Miss Joy was like an angel,” Rubin said in an interview with PEOPLE, adding that she had formed a strong bond with Andrea. My daughter’s face would light up whenever she heard her voice for the first time. As soon as she welcomed us into her home, I knew we’d be friends for the rest of our lives.”


Joy had lost her husband to Parkinson’s illness, and she was devastated. She stated that when she learned of Rubin’s predicament, she felt compelled to assist him.

Joy is the mother of four children, grandmother of seven grandkids, and great grandmother of three. He stated that they go on walks with Andréa and do their grocery shopping with her. Rubin even paid a visit to the grave of Joy’s spouse.

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“We started as strangers and ended up being excellent friends,” Joy explains. Rubin is highly thankful to me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him. ” According to Rubin and Tiffany, this is an uplifting experience that will encourage people to aid others in similar situations. Rubin informed PEOPLE. “If you observe an old person struggling to go back home, stop over and offer to give them a lift,” says the author. If you come across someone who does not have enough money to pay for bus fare, consider offering to assist them. I’m taking away from this experience the importance of paying it forward. Revisit a period in our history in which we were all concerned about one another. In that case, that is what I am expecting would transpire.”

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