A kind person helps a moose calf jump over a highway guardrail to meet its mother again.


This is the heartwarming moment when a kind man intervenes to assist a desperate baby moose in reuniting with its mother. The tiny creature became trapped over a guardrail in Anchorage, Alaska until a Good Samaritan jumped in and rescued it!

Andrea Bock

While returning from a fishing trip in Alaska, Joe Tate got stuck in traffic on the way back to his home in California this past week. However, after a few moments, the man realized why. A mother moose and her small baby attempted to cross a highway. Still, the guardrail proved an impossibility for the minuscule moose. Even though the mother made it to the other side, her baby became stuck because the guardrail was far too tall for it.

Andrea Bock

After nearly 30 minutes of inactivity, Joe decided to intervene and assist the small moose. As a result, he exited his car, jumped over the guardrail, and scooped up the befuddled baby moose, reuniting it with its desperate mother. She was waiting impatiently on the other side of the highway.

It was worn out.

It was extremely young, perhaps a week and a half old,” Joe explained to KTUU. “I mean, in the time that might have passed, something else might have occurred. Although I was nowhere near an expert, I had some knowledge of what to do and what not to do and handled it as best I could.”

Andrea Bock

While no one was harmed this time, wildlife officials warn that encounters with wild animals can be extremely dangerous for both the animals and those attempting to assist them. Over the course of more than 15 years of service, Joe said that the tiny moose would have died without him. And it was confirmed by wildlife officials. “It worked out this time,” Alaska Fish and Game biologist Dave Battle told KTUU.

Andrea Bock

One of the drivers captured the heartwarming rescue on camera. Andrea Bock witnessed the lovely sight and quickly shared a few photographs she took on Facebook. The post went viral immediately, with thousands of people expressing their admiration for this true hero!

h.t: Andrea Bock


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