27 Mind-Blowing Facts You Have Never Heard Before


The world is full of strange and interesting facts that you may not have known.

We’ve combed through Reddit’s collections of facts and fun facts to find our favorites.

From a creature that can survive in space to an odd state sport in Maryland, you’ll learn something new.

01. Earth has more trees than stars in the galaxy. The Milky Way has 100 billion stars, but Earth has 3 trillion trees.

Flickr / Carlos Andrés Reyes

Source: Reddit/resissavfc

02. In Oregon’s Blue Mountains, the honey fungus is the largest living organism, spanning 2.4 miles (underground).

Charles de Mille-Isles

Source: Reddit/Rampant_Durandal

03. Actor and puppeteer Frank Oz portrayed Miss Piggy in The Muppets and Yoda in Star Wars.

Lucasfilm/”Attack of the Clones”

Source: Reddit/cold_in_the_south

04. During WWII, the Polish Army had a bear. Wojtek, the Syrian brown bear, was a Corporal who drank beer and smoked cigarettes.

Flickr / ucumari

Source: Reddit/snoodletuber

05. Manga comic books use more paper than toilet paper in Japan.

Stacks of Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, with cartoonist Charles M. Schulz’s final “Peanuts” comic strip, were seen in Hollywood on February 13. Schulz died on February 12 in Santa Rosa, California, from colon cancer.

Rose Prouser/Reuters

Source: Reddit/david1324p

06. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and declassified as a planet in 2006. In fact, the former planet’s orbit takes 248 Earth years.

Pluto image from four LORRI images combined with color data from the Ralph instrument Thomson Reuters

Source: Reddit/Zooclaw

07. It’s called brassica oleracea, and it’s the same plant as kale and collard greens—different breeds or cultivars.

Flickr / Mike

Source: Reddit/cokecakeisawesome

08. The Giza Pyramids were closer to Cleopatra’s home than the Moon landing.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema/Public Domain

Source: Reddit/StickleyMan

09. A mantis shrimp’s claw can swing so fast it boils the water around it.

Flickr/William Warby

Source: Reddit/jicty

10. There are no-words in the Spanish national anthem.

Flickr/Desrie Govender

Source: Reddit/ricick

11. Honey is inert. 3000-year-old honey is possible.

REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

Source: Reddit/Bluecheezeplatter

12. People who are dead can get goose bumps.

Ildar Sagdejev

Source: Reddit/ObturateYourForamen

13. The static you see on “dead” television stations is leftover primarily radiation from the Big Bang. You’re witnessing the Universe’s creation’s aftereffects.


Source: Reddit/FanInTheCorner

14. Maryland’s state sport is jousting.

Jeff Kubina

Source: Reddit/KdogCrusader

15. We inhale more air from one nostril than the other when we breathe through our nose, which changes every 15 minutes.

Flickr/Erica Minton

Source: Reddit/Tischlampe

16. If we removed all of the space between the atoms, we could fit the entire world’s population into an apple.


Source: Reddit/TheSicilianDude

17. When the pyramids were being built, the woolly mammoth was still alive.


Source: Reddit/midnightschild

18. A chess game has more possible iterations than there are atoms in the known Universe.

Enoch Lau

Source: Reddit/abbazabbbbbbba

19. You could cover the entire planet in a layer of gold up to your knees if you found a way to extract all of the gold from our lovely little planet’s bubbling core.

On October 4, 2013, during an event organized by the Committee for the initiative, “CHF 2,500 monthly for everyone” (Grundeinkommen), a truck dumps five-cent coins in the centre of the Federal Square in Bern. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

Source: Reddit/TryToFlyHigh

20. It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes sucking once each to completely drain a human.

Flickr / John Tann

Source: Reddit/Bat245

21. Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, and Mayans all developed written language independently.

Ad Meskens

Source: Reddit/NumberMuncher

22. A male giraffe will continuously headbutt the female in the bladder until she urinates to determine when to mate. The male then tastes the pee to decide whether or not the female is ovulating.

Wikimedia Commons

Source: Reddit/Sir_Ostrich

23. A photon can take 40,000 years to travel from the sun’s core to the surface, but only 8 minutes to cross the remaining distance to Earth.

NASA Goddard on YouTube

Source: Reddit/Bkaps

24. Water bears, also known as Tardigrades, are 0.5 mm long and can withstand almost any situation. Even space itself is a vacuum.

Wikimedia Commons/Bob Goldstein and Vicky Madden

Source: Reddit/Rage-

25. Most things that melt can be made into glass. It’s just a matter of cooling a molten material to get its molecules back to normal.

Flickr/Gustavo Oliveira

Source: Reddit/cowboy-up

26. The odour of the critically endangered Kakapo bird is strong, pleasant, and musty, making it easy for predators to find it. As a result, it is considered critically endangered.

Wikimedia Commons/Mnolf

Source: Reddit/trevormatic

27. The Wright Brothers flew for the first time in 1903. In 1969, 66 years later, man landed on the Moon.


Source: Reddit/mry8z


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