19-story apartment building on fire; man rescues bedridden mother (video)

Real-life superheroes don’t wear capes, but that’s questionable.

Jermaine from Philadelphia is a real-life superhero.

The 35-year-selfless old’s act of love could have killed him.

Jermaine scaled a burning 19-story building to save his bedridden mother on the 15th floor.
Jermaine went to their mother’s burning high-rise apartment when his sister called.

He realized his mother couldn’t leave the building alone and helped.

When he arrived, police blocked the main door.

Jermaine used his roofing and carpentry abilities to save his mother.

Jermaine climbed a fence with barbed-wire cutters so firefighters could reach upstairs.

He’d fallen and cracked his hip earlier that day, but he was determined to see his mom.

Jermaine took it on because it was his mother. “No boundaries. My mom”

He observed that the fire hadn’t reached the 15th story and that his mum was safe and down. A camera filmed his heroic efforts, and headlines compared him to Spiderman.

Jermaine remarked, “I think anyone else in that situation would do the same thing since nobody wants to lose their mother.”

Jermaine’s mother and all residents escaped safely. Smoke inhalation affected 3 firefighters and 4 civilians.

Watch this dude in action below.

Jermaine, not everyone could scale this building. That climb was remarkable.

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