10 Reasons Why Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Person in Hollywood

In June 2019, Keanu Reeves appeared at the presentation of the video game Cyberpunk 2077. During his speech, someone yelled out, “You’re breathtaking” to him. Most celebrities would either blush, make a witty remark, or simply say thank you. But Keanu did something different.

Actor, millionaire, philanthropist, and just all around nice guy with an incredibly kind heart — Keanu Reeves has it all and continues to gain popularity year after year. While we really like his films, we love him even more because he’s probably one of Hollywood’s most down-to-Earth actors. Could there be another reason to adore him even more than we currently do? 100% yes! And not just one but 10 more, to be exact. Here are 10 stories that’ll make you fall in love with Keanu Reeves even more.

1. He always generously thanks the people who help him.

One of the most famous stories involving Keanu Reeves happened on the set of the fantasy franchise The Matrix. After the 2nd and 3rd film’s success, the actor divided his fee so that the members of the film crew could receive decent pay. In addition, all 12 stuntmen received a motorcycle as a gift.

A similar story happened after the release of the fourth part of the franchise. Before the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu spent a lot of money to ensure that all the participants in the filming process could attend this event. He arranged a private jet, hotel accommodations, tickets to the premiere, and brunch the next day.

2. He’s always humble.

Many stories about the kindness and breadth of Keanu’s soul led netizens to call the actor “the Internet’s boyfriend.” But Keanu knew nothing about this.

In 2019, at the premiere of Toy Story 4, a journalist decided to ask the celebrity what he thought about his “title.” The actor at first did not understand what was being implied, so he confusedly asked: “I’ve been what?” “Everyone is just kind of gushing over you. You didn’t know that yet?” the reporter wondered. “No, that’s…wacky,” the actor replied with a smile, adding that he appreciates the support and that positivity is always great.

3. He’s a simple guy.

The actor’s modesty is well illustrated by another incident that occurred during a party in honor of the release of the film Daughter of God, starring Keanu. The bouncer at the club where the event was taking place didn’t recognize him, but instead of making a scene, Keanu calmly stood for 20 minutes in line at the entrance, in the pouring rain, to get to the party in honor of his film.

However, our story doesn’t end there. Later at a party, Keanu found someone else’s credit card. He got up on stage, interrupted the music, and said into the microphone: “Hey, Don Jonas! I found your credit card outside, come see me, and I’ll return it.”

4. He always knows what to do in an unforeseen situation.

At the end of March 2019, a plane flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in a small town called Bakersfield. Among the passengers was Keanu Reeves. The actor got on a bus with travelers. Along the way, Reeves entertained passengers by telling them interesting and remarkable facts about where they suddenly found themselves. He also played country music from Bakersfield.

5. He tries to help everyone who needs it.

Keanu Reeves donates money to the Cancer Research Foundation. He began supporting various foundations after his sister was diagnosed with cancer. Also, in June 2020, he auctioned off a 15-minute Zoom date to aid an organization that helps sick children. In addition, Keanu secretly gives millions of dollars to children’s hospitals through his foundation. He also supports organizations that advocate for animal rights and safety.

6. He always knows what to say.

In any situation, Keanu will find the right and witty answer:

— What is your secret for always staying down-to-earth?

— Well, I mean gravity.

There are also times when Keanu can give a wise and profound answer:

— What do you think, what happens when we die?

— I know that the ones who love us will miss us.

7. He surprises fans.

One day, Reeves stayed at the same hotel where James and Nikki Roadnight were planning their wedding. The groom ran into Reeves at the hotel bar and invited him to come later for the celebration. He was very friendly and said that he would drop by, but the couple was not completely sure that he would. However, Keanu did show up and congratulated the newlyweds.

8. He finds all of us breathtaking.

In June 2019, Keanu Reeves unexpectedly appeared at a presentation for the video game Cyberpunk 2077. During the speech, Keanu called the emotions received from the game “breathtaking,” to which someone in the audience shouted: “You are breathtaking!” And Keanu replied: “You are breathtaking! You are all breathtaking!” The video of this moment went viral, and we were once again convinced that Keanu is really amazing.

9. He’s a professional.

Keanu Reeves is incredibly dedicated to his work. According to Reeves himself, he loves movies. He loves to act in them and watch them and he’s happy that he can earn his living from them. In addition, for his roles, he always trains a lot and hard. So, for example, he trained in Wushu, Boxing, and Krav Maga, and for the role of John Wick, he studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the legendary Machado brothers.


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